Feelings and Emotions Worksheets for Kids

Helping children understand and express their emotions is critical to their emotional development. By using fun and interactive activities, teachers can create a nurturing environment where children can explore and learn about emotions. In this blog post, we will share two activity sheets and a set of worksheets designed to enhance children's understanding of feelings and emotions.

Emotion Flash Cards:

The basic Emotion Flash Cards activity sheet is a versatile tool that you can use in classroom activities such as prompt discussion, memory games, or even create storytelling sessions.

The visual representation of emotions helps children associate facial expressions with specific feelings, enabling them to develop empathy and recognize emotions in themselves and others.

Feelings and Emotions Activity Sheet

Each card represents a different basic emotion: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Disgust.

Spinning Wheel of Emotions:

The Spinning Wheel of Emotions is an engaging activity designed to engage children in a dynamic exploration of their feelings. This activity sheet features a wheel divided into sections, each representing a different basic emotion. By spinning the wheel, children can randomly select an emotion and then engage in activities related to that emotion. Teachers can encourage discussion, role-playing, or art activities based on the chosen emotion, providing an interactive way for children to explore and express their feelings.

Feelings and Emotions Activity Sheet

Feelings Identification Worksheets:

To further reinforce the understanding of emotions, the Feelings Identification Worksheets provide a series of exercises that encourage children to identify and express different emotions. The worksheets consist of several tasks, including:

Picture Recognition:

Children are presented with images depicting individuals experiencing different emotions. They are encouraged to identify and label the emotions they observe. This activity enhances their ability to recognize and differentiate various feelings.

Drawing and Coloring:

Kids are provided with blank spaces where they can draw and color their expressions of different emotions. This exercise allows them to reflect on their feelings and express themselves creatively.

Counting Feelings:

In this task, children are presented with a collection of emotion-themed emojis. They are asked to count the number of each emotion and write down the total. This activity not only reinforces numerical skills but also helps children recognize emotions through visual representation.

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Feeling and Emotions Drawing Worksheet

Feelings and Emotions Worksheet

Download Worksheets PDF

To make these worksheets and activities easily accessible to educators and parents, we are delighted to provide a free downloadable PDF file. You can click the below link to download the worksheets and activity sheets.

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Engaging children in activities that explore feelings and emotions is crucial for their emotional intelligence development. The Basic Emotion Flash Cards, Spinning Wheel of Emotions, and Feelings Identification Worksheets provide teachers with effective tools to facilitate meaningful discussions and creative expressions. By incorporating these activities into the classroom, teachers can empower children to recognize, understand, and communicate their emotions effectively, fostering a positive and emotionally literate environment.


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