Mastering the Clock: Free Worksheets to Teach Kids to Tell Time

Learning to tell time is an important life skill that children must master. From catching the school bus to knowing when dinner is ready, a sense of time empowers children to manage their daily routines.

In this blog post, we are happy to share a set of engaging and free worksheets that will make learning to read the clock a fun adventure for kids.

Activities for Learning Clocks: Let's Dive In!

1. Match Hours and Minutes with Clock Hands 

Imagine this: You're piecing together your very own clock puzzle! First, you jot down the hours and minutes, and then you arrange the clock hands to show the time. It's like putting together a puzzle that tells real-life stories.

Free Printable Clock Worksheet

Free Printable Clock Worksheet

2. Coloring Time Right: A Creative Twist! 

Who knew coloring and understanding time could be a perfect pair? In this task, you'll spot the right time on the clock and use colors to fill it in. It's like a creative way to crack the time code!

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

3. Picking the Right Time: The Clock Challenge

Think of this like a puzzle-solving adventure. You'll look at different clock pictures and pick the time that matches. With just a few options, nailing the answers will make you a timing whiz!

Free Printable Clock Worksheet

Free Printable Clock Worksheet

4. Time Your Clock: The Art of Clocks 

Get set to be a time artist! Armed with a specific time, you'll sketch the hour and minute hands on a blank clock. It's like drawing time itself, right on the clock face!

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

5. Predict Before and After 

Ever wanted to be a time predictor? In this activity, you'll predict moments before and after a given time. It's like playing with time to understand how it flows.

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

6. Minutes vs. Hours: Determination of Time Units

Is it a quick moment or a longer stretch? In this activity, you'll tell the difference between a few minutes and a few hours. It's like telling apart a sprint from a marathon but with a time twist!

Free Printable Clock and Time Worksheet

Our collection of free worksheets is here to turn the art of telling time into an enjoyable learning journey for kids. By making telling time a hands-on adventure, we empower young minds to master time management, a skill that will stick with them for life.

Downloadable PDF: Your Time Toolkit

Before you go, make sure to download the PDF with all the worksheets mentioned here. Consider this your toolkit for unlocking the secrets of time!

Time waits for no one, but with your newfound knowledge, you can make every second count in terms of timing.


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