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"Without teachers, life would have no class."


Just like a potter creates a useful vessel by giving proper shape to a mold of soil, a teacher gives the right shape to a student's career by offering his knowledge, patience, love, and care. A teacher plays a vital role in nation-building, as they are teaching today's youngsters who will be the backbone of any country in the future.

This blog is dedicated to teachers, trainers, and parents. Parents are the closest teacher a kid can have. According to us, a kid learns the most important lessons from their parents only. Apart from formal education, a kid learns moral values from parents.

As we all know, teaching is always challenging. Every student has a way of learning and understanding. A good teacher always uses the right kind of resources in their classroom to make students understand and learn concepts. Here in this blog, we are offering a small help to educators by providing free resources that they can use to teach their kids.

We would be happy to hear from you. You can write us on eduaakar2020(at)gmail.com

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