Flowers name in Hindi and English

Flowers are an essential part of various cultures and tradition. Flowers are used in day-to-day life from greeting to the wedding and funeral.  Flowers are also used in the making of medicines and perfumes. We can identify flowers by its color and fragrance. In this post, we are sharing flowers name in Hindi and English (Phoolon Ke Naam) which would be helpful for your kids to learn the name of the flowers.

Many flowers are symbolic meaning. For example, a Rose flower represents love, affection and beauty and Daises flower represents innocence. In our daily life, we come across various flowers, but we don't know flowers name in Hindi and English both. We have curated Hindi and English name of all the popular flowers. 

1. LOTUS ( कमल )

Lotus Flower

2. ROSE ( गुलाब )

Rose Flower

3. MARIGOLD ( गेंदा )

marigold flower

4. JASMINE ( चमेली )

Jasmine Flower

5. SUNFLOWER ( सूरजमुखी )


6. HIBISCUS ( गुड़हल )

Hibiscus Flower

7. DAISY ( गुलबहार )

Daisy Flower

8. YELLOW OLEANDER ( पीला कनेर )

Yellow Oleander Flower

9. TULIP ( कन्द पुष्प )

Tulip Flower

10. LAVENDER ( लैवेंडर )

Lavender flower

11. PERIWINKLE ( सदाबहार )

Periwinkle Flower

12. LILY ( लिली )

Lily Flower

13. DELONIX REGIA ( गुलमोहर )

Delonix Regia Flower

14. BOUGAINVILLEA ( बूगनबेल )

Bougainvillea Flower

15. MEXICAN PRICKLY POPPY ( सत्यानाशी )

Mexican Prickly Poppy Flower

16. BUTTERFLY PEA ( अपराजिता )

Butterfly Pea Flower

17. PRICKLY PEAR ( नागफनी )

Prickly Pear Flower

18. MEXICAN TUBEROSE ( रजनीगन्धा )

Mexican Tuberose Flower

19. STRAMONIUM ( धतुरा )

Stramonium Flower

20. GOLDEN FRANGIPANI ( सोन चम्पा )

Golden Frangipani Flower

We hope you must have learned a few names of flowers. Hope you like this post. Feel free to download and share these flower cards and share your feedback.


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