Free Worksheets for Weekdays and Months

We know one year consists of 12 months, and one month consists of 4 weeks. It's hard to keep track of time and schedules without knowing the days in a week and the days in a month.

Therefore, kids need to learn about weekdays and months. In this post, we will share engaging activities and printables to help you teach your children about the days of the week and the months of the year.

The worksheets and activities involve tracing, coloring, spelling, sorting, and identifying text. A few activities also involve cut-and-paste and coloring, for which we will recommend adult supervision.

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Weekdays Worksheets & Activities

Weekday Worksheet - Monday

Weekday Worksheet - Tuesday

Weekday Worksheet - Wednesday

Weekday Worksheet - Thursday

Weekday Worksheet - Friday

Weekday Worksheet - Saturday

Weekday Worksheet - Sunday

Weekday Worksheet

Weekday Worksheet

Weekday Printable

Weekday Activities

Month Worksheets & Activities

Month Worksheet - January

Month Worksheet - February

Month Worksheet - March

Month Worksheet - April

Month Worksheet - May

Month Worksheet - June

Month Worksheet - July

Month Worksheet - August

Month Worksheet - September

Month Worksheet - October

Month Worksheet - November

Month Worksheet - December

Month Worksheet

Month Worksheet

Month Printable

Month Printable

Download PDF

You can download the weekdays and monthly worksheets and activities by clicking the link below:

After learning the concept of days of the week and months, children can easily plan their daily activities, such as school days, holidays, swimming lessons, etc. We encourage exploring our clock worksheets, which will further enhance the time management skills of your child.

These calendar skills are fundamental for elementary school students and lay the groundwork for effective time management and planning in the future. Start your child's journey to calendar proficiency with our engaging resources today!



We are a bunch of education enthusiasts. We wanted to make education fun and easy to learn. At present, we are trying to focus on primary education. As we grow, we will try and share stuff related to secondary education.

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