Free Birthday Worksheets and Pintables for preschool

Who doesn't like to celebrate their birthdays!! 

Birthdays are always a big deal in classrooms. Children get excited when they know it is their special day. So why not take it further and incorporate educational fun into the festivities? 

Free birthday worksheets could be an excellent way to blend learning and enjoyment and engage the young mind during the celebration. Therefore, we're sharing free birthday worksheets in this post, including Numbering, Counting, Dates, Matching, Coloring, and Relationship.

Birthday Worksheets and Pintables

My Birthday Worksheet

Birthday Worksheet

The following worksheet will help kids plan a birthday. They will count and decide how many quantities of objects they want to plan a birthday party.

Birthday Planning Worksheet

In the following worksheets, kids have to match objects with the correct text.

Birthday Worksheet

The below worksheet can be a great way to teach kids relationship building with classroom friends, neighbours, and family members.

Birthday Worksheet

PDF Worksheets

Birthday worksheets are a fantastic way to infuse educational fun into your child's special day. Click the below link to download all sheets as PDF.

Download worksheets PDF Button
Bookmark this blog post for future reference, and feel free to share your experiences using these worksheets.

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